COVID-19 Update - December 2021

Fr Chris, with advice from the St Joseph’s COVID committee, who have reviewed the current COVID situation, havs made the following decisions:
(Next review Jan 2022)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Cathrine, the parish office or Fr Chris on the CONTACT US page.


Face coverings are still recommended by the government in crowded areas. In consideration for others, we would therefore recommend that all parishioners continue to wear face coverings whilst inside the church building.

Track & Trace

 At the 9am and 11am Sunday masses, we will provide access to the NHS Covid19 QR code and to the sign in sheet, to check in if you wish to do so. Our 6pm Saturday welcomers will continue to take your details upon arrival.

hand sanitising

We will continue to encourage parishioners to sanitise their hands, when entering and leaving the church.
Hand sanitiser will continue to be made available at the enterances/exits.


We will continue to ensure the adequate ventilation of our church by leaving doors and windows open, when possible. Given this, we would strongly advice that you dress appropriately, particularly during the winter months


We will continue to clean the church thoroughly, on a weekly basis, to help prevent the spread of COVID19 from surfaces. We would also encourage parishioners to minimise unnecessary touching of surfaces where possible.


With effect from next week, we will be reverting to using the main door and the foyer to enter and exit Mass. This has been carefully thought through and the return to this norm is an acceptable alteration to our plans.


9 & 11 am Sunday Mass no longer have a limit on numbers. We will also allow the use of every row in the two central seating areas.
We will continue to limit attendance to 75 at the 6pm Saturday Mass.


We do recognise that this may cause anxiety for some of our congregation. We will, therefore, continue to use every other row in the two side seating areas.
We will also be providing cards, printed with the words: “PLEASE LEAVE A SPACE”.

6pm Satuday

We will continue to adopt social distancing, including the use of alternate rows, and a limit of 75 Parishioners, or small family groups, at the 6pm Saturday Mass. This will include not singing.

altar servers

We are pleased to announce altar servers will be returning imminently. If you are a young person and have made your first communion please contact Louis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We will be providing hymn books at both Sunday Masses only and encouraging the congregation to join in with the singing, if you feel comfortable to do so. Please continue to wear a face covering whilst singing.


We will continue to distribute the newsletter via email. If you are not receiving an electronic copy, but would like one, please let us know, so that we can add you to the mailing list