Cecilia Sound

O Lord, I pray that the music I make or the songs that I sing are always from my heart to You

What is Cecilia Sound?

Cecilia Sound is a band at St Joseph's Church. The band is named after the Patron Saint of Music, St Cecilia.

For Our Younger Musicians

A wonderful chance to enjoy playing your favourite instrument or singiwith a wonderfully, friendly band,

Rock It Out To The Lord

A range of upbeat music played and sung from the heart.

Scroll down to discover examples of our music.

Spiritual And Safe

Supporting Masses at St Joseph about once per month, all done virtually at the moment due to COVID restrictions.

St. Cecilia

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of great musicians, poets and hymns. She is one of the most revered early Roman martyrs and one of the seven women commemorated in the Canon of the Mass.

Saint Cecilia lived in the 3rd century A.D. in the Roman Empire. She was born to a noble family in Rome. Despite taking a personal vow of chastity, her parents married her off to a young pagan nobleman named Valerian. In response to this, she wore sackcloth and underwent fasting. She also invoked the saints and angels and asked them to guard her purity.

Before the marriage was consummated, Saint Cecilia told Valerian about her vow of virginity and that she had an angel watching over her. The angel would punish him if he sexually violated her. When Valerian asked to see this angel, Saint Cecilia told him that he would first need to travel to the third milestone on the Appian Way and be baptized by Pope Urbanus.



Receive the Power

More coming soon...

We are always making more music and the more we can evangelise by sharing that with you the better! All our music is here for you to listen to and share.

St Augustine Said to sing is to pray twice, so join us in our prayer today!

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Our Members

We are a great community in our band and here is a little about each of us!



Hi, I’m Maddie and I’ve been the flautist in Cecilia Sound for 4 years


Guitarist & Pianist

I have been with the band for nearly two years, and I play the acoustic guitar. The style of guitar I particularly like is fingerstyle, I also play the piano.



I play the violin and I've been with Cecilia Sound for almost two years. I participate in two local orchestras, and also enjoy playing the piano.



My name is Mattia, I have been part of Cecilia Sound for a year and a half now and the instrument I play is the guitar. I love music in general as it is an excellent way to express ourselves and deepen our Faith.



I just love singing with Cecilia Sound at St Joseph’s. The band is great and the parishioners are friendly. We perform some beautiful melodic songs as well as snazzy upbeat ones. When not singing at St Joseph’s or studying at Bishop Challoner Secondary School you will find me in the swimming pool.


Singer and Guitarist

Hi, I'm Joy, helping youth grow in music for Jesus and the parish. I sing, play guitar, and enjoy our relaxed, laughter-filled rehearsals. Our contemporary music appeals to all ages, enhancing our faith with heart, soul, and mind.


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We are a family sharing in our faith and love of music


All adults fully safeguarding trained and DBS checked

(and the adults)

We dont want them to feel left out :P

Steve Lake

Guitarist, Singer and Band Lead

Hi, I’m Steve. I’ve been running Cecilia Youth band since its inception in 2010 and have been blessed to see lots of young musicians and singers come through the ranks before moving on to new chapters in their lives. The band is constantly changing and evolving. Although based mainly out of St Joseph’s, the band has attracted members form across the Deanery and played at the Cathedral several times as well as occasional visits to St Bede’s and St John the Baptist (Andover).
Covid-19 has provided a fresh set of challenges, but the band members have responded wonderfully providing many individual recordings which we (Dan!) have been able to combine and use in the live-streamed Masses. We’re always looking for new members (& welcome returning ‘old’ members!).



Hi everyone. I'm Joe and I play the piano. I'm one of the originals (basically meaning I'm one of the old codgers in the group). I'm really proud to see how Cecilia Ground has grown over the years with so much musical talent coming through but we are always on the hunt for newbies and we are keen to continue expanding. Outside the band, I enjoy playing football, tennis and pub quizzes.

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