The Ecce Homo figure
created by our parishoner Bob Purnell

This statue which sits to the left of the sanctuary in St Joseph's was infact created by hand by our very own parishoner Bob Purnell who spent many hours in prayer and hard work in creating this beautiful piece of religious art

When asked about it Bob told us:

"The Ecco Homo was created when we moved into the church. Some conversation was being made about Stations of the Cross at the time. I produced this work on that theme. Another group purchased the ones we have now so it was not needed.

After a lot of prayer and contemplation and hard work this piece was completed. The most challenging part was trying to imagine the face of Christ, thinking into his thoughts at that moment and what its meaning is. A very daunting idea to try to get hold of and not a little presumptuous. It was modelled in clay and fired in a kiln, then painted. The mount was made to present it effectively on the brick pillar.

I hope some will have found it helpful in prayer."

What do you think of when you imagine the face of Jesus? How would you protray our lord?

Consider the title "Ecce homo" - translated to 'Behold the Man', these were the words used by Pilot in the Gospel of John, when he presents a scourged Jesus Christ, bound and crowned with thorns, to a hostile crowd shortly before his Crucifixion.

Bob has created many artworks for the parish, with the help of his amazing wife Pearl.  If you would like to see or hear about more of them please let us know in the comments!