There are parking bays located close to the Church entrance for use by disability parking pass holders.


There is ramped access to the Church entrance for wheelchair users and those wishing to avoid the steps. 

The aisles in the church are wide and kept free from obstruction to allow wheelchair access around and to the front of the church. 

The floors are flat and either wood vinyl or carpeted.  There are steps to the Sanctuary (which is the area around altar) but the distribution of Holy Communion takes place at the lower level.


  There is an accessible toilet located through the foyer. 

Deaf and Hearing impaired

We have a hearing loop in place, details of the best place to sit can be gained from the welcomers at Mass

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in the Church.

Gluten intolerance

Gluten free hosts are available for Holy Communion on request.

Other information

Large print newsletters are available and newsletters can also be emailed to parishioners in advance of the service.



If you feel that due to a particular need we can support you further to join in parish life more fully, then please contact the parish office or a member of the Particular Needs Group.