On Monday 19th July we move from Government enforced restrictions to guidance and recommendations... read here for how the Church will be applying these recommendations.

Covid-19 Route Map: Step 4 Guidance


As you may be aware, on Monday 19th July, the government will remove outstanding legal COVID19 restrictions. The Government will instead enable people to make informed decisions about how to manage the risk to themselves and others.

The parish has reviewed the current government guidelines, as well as the Guidance from the Bishops of England and Wales and would like to ask parishioners to continue the following precautions. This is recognising that many of our young families and elderly parishioners may be more reluctant for a sudden change back to the old 'normal', while the virus is still in circulation.

The parish leadership has also taken into consideration the prevailing local conditions and this guidance will be regularly updated.

  • Many of our parishioners are vulnerable or elderly and we would ask that in consideration of those
  • We STRONGLY recommend all parishioners continue to wear face coverings indoors
  • Cases of COVID in our local area continue to be high and rise (link to data) and Gov continue to encourage track and trace.
  • The parish will continue to use Track and Trace and ask all attendees to either use the NHS COVID App with our QR code  or provide their details to our welcomers
  • As per the Bishop's guidance we canno't at this time refill the Holy Water stoop and ask that you continue to keep hands clean to reduce the risk of any infections.
  • We will continue to encourage parishioners to sanitise their hands, before and after Mass.
  • One of the simplest ways to keep the virus from spreading is to ensure good air flow, and this I'm sure will not be unwelcome in these summer months anyway
  • We will continue to ensure the adequate ventilation of our church by opening doors and windows open to improve air flow throughout the building.
  • Our cleaners do an amazing job to keep us safe (thanks again to Lorna and the team)
  • We will continue to clean the church after each Mass, to prevent the spread of COVID19 from surfaces. We would also encourage Parishioners to minimise unnecessary touching of surfaces where possible.
  • We have decided, due to recent increases in the number of COVID19 cases, that we will continue to adopt social distancing within our church, for the safety and wellbeing of all our parishioners.
  • We will be increasing our capacity from 60 to 75, as this number can still be accommodated safely without increasing risks.

This Guidance will next be reviewed either 1st September or if any significant change of circumstances or local conditions occur