Covid 19- Some thoughts about self-care

When anxiety gets the better of me….I thought I would share with you these ways of managing it

1.      Pray at intervals throughout the day for God’s healing and compassion for our families, our parish, our country, our world.

2.        Reduce the amount of News you watch

3.        I must have a break from social media and talk often to people on the phone, as oppose to emailing, messaging, texting or tweeting

4.        I’d do something creative, ie, going for a walk, any exercise that’s possible, gardening, sing along to music, bake a cake, reading religious literature

5.        Join a parish on-line group or local group to help to console others or do some shopping for them, collect their medicine, walk their dog, deliver a paper

6.        Discover something that you’ve always wanted to explore or do, ie Learn to play an instrument, read books you’ve meant to read for ages, learn new skills like a language, etc

7.     Remind myself that this will pass, life will go back to normal, its part of God’s plan and God is with us.

8.       Make a list of all the wonderful gifts you have.

God Bless, stay safe and God be with you,
- Dcn Patrick
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