Alpha in a Catholic Context

St. Joseph’s is planning on running Alpha this term at St Joseph's Church Hall, on Monday evenings 7.30pm to 9.30pm, beginning Mon 21st Sept.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for anyone who's curious. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

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Novena for Pentecost

Novena for Pentecost - St Joseph’s Church

The Novena for Pentecost is nine days of prayer and reflection from Ascension to Pentecost. The Novena, prayed for the unity of Christianity, starts the day after Ascension Thursday and finishes on the eve of Pentecost, and invites us to pray, daily, for the coming of the Holy Spirit. The specific daily themes can be prayed in any way that suits, and may include spontaneous prayers, praying in the Spirit, prayers of repentance, thanksgiving and blessing. Other intentions may be added, as the Holy Spirit suggests. Where possible, we pray this Novena before the Blessed Sacrament, with time of quiet adoration. The times for our Novena here at St Joseph’s are as follows:

Day 1 Intercession for Israel, the People of the Covenant (Fr1 15May at 8.00am)

Day 2 Intercession for the Renewal of the Church (Sat 16 May at 5.30pm)

Day 3 Intercession for the Unity of Christianity (Sun 17 May at 4.00pm)

Day 4 Intercession for the Renewal of Society (Mon 18 May at 8.30am)

Day 5 Intercession for Conversion and Holiness (Tue 19 May at 8.30am)

Day 6 Intercession for Reconciliation and Healing (Wed 20 May at 6.00pm)

Day 7 Intercession for Empowerment for Evangelization (Thur 21 May at 8.30am)

Day 8 Intercession for the Victory of the Holy Cross (Fri 22 May at 8.30am)

Day 9 Intercession for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and His Gifts (Sat 23 May at 5.30pm)

Mass times

Sunday mass

Saturday 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am
Sunday 11:00 am

weekday mass

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Saturday 5:00 pm