PPC Full Committee

Chair of PPC - Mrs Cinty Lake

Chantal Brown [elected, 2010], Linda Evans [elected, 2008], Julia Goldsmith [appointed, 2012], Gerald Guma [appointed, Dec 2012], Frances Hicks [elected, 2008], Fr Mark Hogan [ex officio], Cinty Lake [appointed, Dec 2012], Dave McKenna [appointed, 2013], Leo Mulkerns [elected, 2013],Dcn Patrick O’Connell [associate member, ex officio], Joe Shevlin [elected, Nov 2012], Mark Swanborough [appointed, 2013], Dcn Pat Taylor [ex officio]



V  Tues 17th September, 2013, 7pm

V  Tues 19th November, 2013, 7pm


V  Tues 21st January, 2014, 7pm


V  Tues 6th May, 2014, 7pm

V  Tues 15th July, 2013, 7pm – short meeting followed by social


V  Tues 9th September, 2013, 7pm


Time of Prayer and Reflection?


PPC Vocation Committee

Linda Evans, Frances Hicks, Chantal Brown


V  Tues 24th Sept, 2013, 7pm


V  Tues 4th Mar, 2014, 7pm


V  Mon 16th Jun, 2014, 7pm


V  Tues 16th Sept, 2014, 7pm


PPC Education Committee

Leo Mulkerns, Dave McKenna, Julia Goldsmith, Joe Shevlin


V  Tues 1st Oct, 2013, 7pm


V  Tues 7th Jan, 2014, 7pm


V  Tues 13th May, 2014, 7pm


V  Tues 7th Oct, 2014, 7pm


PPC Evangelisation Committee

Mark Swanborough, Cinty Lake, Gerald Guma


V  Thurs 3rd Oct 2013, 7pm


V  Thurs 30th Jan, 2014, 7pm


V  Thurs 1st May 2014, 7pm



V  Thurs 16th Oct 2014, 7pm

Mass times

Sunday mass

Saturday 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am
Sunday 11:00 am

weekday mass

please see the newsletters


Saturday 5:00 pm